Ecommerce Website Design and Development For Eco Toy Bricks – Saving the World Brick by Brick With Their Online Store

Ecommerce website design and development for Eco Toy Bricks, an online retail startup of environmentally friendly building blocks for children.

Eco Toy Bricks wanted to save the world via the online sales channel. That meant they needed a website that’s easy to use, processes payments securely and which showcases their products in the best way possible.

After a short discussion about their business, products, audience and budget, I recommend to built the online store on the WordPress platform. Their eCommerce website needed much more functionality than a brochure site, such as the ability for users to create accounts and of course buy online. After the project plan was established Digital Freelancer designed and built the ecommerce website end to end.

The finished online store incorporates the best of UX principles packed with a cute design fitting the brand. My job didn’t finish there. I am offering ongoing support with digital marketing, driving traffic to their new website through tactics such as PPC, SEO, social media and email marketing.



Responsive Design





PPC Advertising

Marketing Automation

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Ecommerce website design & development for Eco Toy Bricks online store

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